mako360 dirt bike handlebar mount

360 Degree Technology

Like its name, the MAKO 360 provides proven vibration reduction in all 360 degrees. When installed, this dirt bike handlebar mount significantly reduces impact felt in any direction or at any angle. Unlike other solutions, the vibration dampening is not only occurring on a single plane. The result is that it smooths the hack to a level of comfort like never before.

Less Arm Pump

The MAKO 360 also eliminates any “metal to metal” contact between the handlebars and the rest of the motorcycle. This greatly reduces vibration to the rider’s hands. Riders will have substantially less grip issues, arm pump issues and overall fatigue with the MAKO 360 engineered polymers absorbing the vibration.

With less vibration, you can maintain higher energy levels on all rides, whether they are long or short. The added comfort will allow you to hit obstacles harder and faster, which means you can adjust your suspension more aggressively to get more out of your bike and yourself.