Goldentyre GT216AA 80/100-21 TT 51R "Razor Blade"

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The GT216AA Razor Blade 80/100-21 front tire line-up was developed and tested by the best racers in the world to provide maximum grip while maintaining excellent bump compliance and durability. The special V-shaped tread pattern and flexible construction provide unmatched traction in any terrain. Each size has specific characteristics to maximize performance in a specific type of conditions. Proven results in every round of the 2016 Red Bull Extreme Enduro Series by Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis, Taddy Blazusiak, Alfredo Gomez, and many more.

  • The ‚ÄúRazor Blade‚ÄĚ designed specifically for use in soft sand, mud and loamy conditions

  • Vertical tread design and narrow profile create unmatched stability in ruts and soft conditions

  • V shaped knobs and exclusive tread compound allow tire to penetrate soft soil, sand and mud

  • Reinforced carcass design allows for maximum traction without sacrificing feel and rim protection

  • Directional tread design allows for improved cornering and braking grip

  • DOT and F.I.M. approved