Andrew Kraus

AMA D6 #285 Hare Scramble

Andrew grew up in Bucks County, PA.  He found his love for dirt biking at just 8 years old when he purchased a Baja 50 mini bike from his neighbor.  Years of trail riding with his dad and progressing through bikes helped build the solid foundation of skill he brings to every race.  In 2020, with the support and training from friends, he honed in his technique for his first D6 hare scramble.  Even though he only ran partial seasons in 2020 & 2021, he quickly grew his confidence and level of performance with his best finish of 5th overall in B open.  Andrew graduated from Lehigh University and is a Mechanical Engineer working to design, test and manufacture spacecrafts.  Come grab your curbside delivery and cheer him on in his first full season at the D6 hare scramble series on the following dates:

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