Evans Powersports Waterless Coolant

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Evans waterless coolants offer several benefits to save you money, time and engine wear.

  • No Corrosion:  By removing water from the cooling components, Evans eliminates water-caused corrosion in the cooling system.
  • No Pressure:  Evans coolants will always remain in liquid form, preventing stress on cooling system components such as hoses, pump seals and radiator seams due to high vapor pressure.
  • No Overheating:  With a boiling point of 375ºF compared to only 226ºF for water-based antifreeze, Evans Waterless Coolants expand the range of safe operating temperatures in you vehicle while eliminating the risk of boil over. 
  • No Erosion:  Even under extreme conditions, Evans coolants remain in liquid form and do not vaporize, preventing the pitting caused by water vapor.
  • No Electrolysis:  The absence of water, substantially reduces electrical conductivity of Evans coolants which sharply reduces incidents of electrolysis.
  • Freeze Protection:  Evans coolants have natural antifreeze properties down to -40°F and will not solidify or expand, providing protection from freeze bursts.
  • Extended Lifecycle:  Evans coolants do not degrade and are designed to provide an extended service, in many cases resulting in a lifetime fill.

Powersports coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA).

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