Risk Racing Mud Grips

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Say Goodbye to Slippery Grips in the Mud

Every rider has, at one point or another, experienced arm pump from gripping too hard while trying to hold on to wet, muddy, slippery grips during a ride in the rain or on an over-watered track. By slipping the Risk Racing Mud Grips over their regular grips, they can prevent slippage and loss of control, while helping to reduce the chances of arm pump. The Mud Grip enables riders to keep a tight grasp by making the grips feel dry, even on the nastiest tracks or trails.

Slide On

The Mud Grip is designed for use with MX and ATV grips, as well as MTB and BMX grips. They can also be used with bark busters.


The brilliance of the Mud Grip lies in the simplicity of Risk Racing’s patent pending design. The material compresses to almost zero thickness, so the rider barely notices that the Mud Grip is on.

Mud Happens

When coated with mud, they disperse the muck and create a tactile surface area that is equivalent to a dry grip. The Mud Grip allows riders to maintain control of their bike when riding or competing in muddy conditions. Every rider should keep a pair in their gear bag for those unexpected mud rides!


  • Slide over your grip when riding in mud or rain
  • Makes a slippery grip feel dry
  • Ultra-thin design does not noticeably affect grip diameter
  • More control, less arm pump and increased safety
  • Slips over any MX, ATV, MTB or BMX grip
  • PRO TIP: Wash Mud Grips after race & re-use