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Team Brappleyea Jersey

for the benefit of

Christine Rappleyea

One thing I have learned in the past few years is that the off-roading community is second to none. I have yet to meet a more generous, close knit and considerate group of people than the folks in our giant moto family. And now, one of our very own sisters needs our help.

$25 from every jersey sale goes directly to Christine!

Christine Rappleyea is 32 years old and 4.5 years into her diagnosis of Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer- this disease has no cure and only 30% of patients survive five years. If you’ve been lucky enough to ride with Christine, you would never know the challenges she faces physically every day of her life- the endless treatments and side effects, and the toll it takes mentally. She gets out into the woods on her bike to escape, tears it up on the trails, tapping out of reality a few hours at a time. We all can understand that. Her goal this year is to race the entire ECEA Enduro series, and the reality is, her cancer is progressing and this may be her last season to ride.

This is where we come in! Christine works long hours in between her treatments to afford her dirtbike passion and her race schedule, our goal is to raise some funds so she can spend more time focusing on her health, her riding and enjoying the time she has left. So together with BRAAPtastic, we designed a benefit jersey with a custom ribbon to show our support and solidarity for our fellow rider. BRAAPtastic is kindly passing their proceeds along, and $25 of every jersey sold will go directly to Christine. She may have to live with her cancer, but she doesn’t have to do it alone, we can help carry her burden, because that’s what the moto family does. Every time she sees someone wearing this jersey, or this ribbon, she will be reminded that she is not alone- the dirtbike fam has got her back <3

A message from Christine:

"I’m Christine, I was diagnosed with terminal or metastatic breast cancer (MBC) 4.5 years ago, a month before my 28th birthday. Upon diagnosis, the cancer was found to be spread beyond site of origin to my skeletal system showing up on a few vertebrae, ribs, and a hip, mainly. Since then it has also spread throughout my liver and to the tail of my pancreas. Statistically speaking MBC patients are given a 26% chance to survive 5 years. I am on treatments for life, and once one treatment fails I’m switched to another to try. The treatment options are not endless and not guaranteed to work. I have been trying to navigate the last 4.5 years of life between endless side effects, innumerable doctor appointments, tests, scans, procedures, and the emotional toll it all takes. Dirt bikes are the light shining through the dark cloud that never seems to leave me. The happiness I experience while I’m in the woods on two wheels is like nothing I can describe. I live, eat, sleep, breath dirt bikes! This year I’m planning on racing my first full enduro series, god willing. The support and love I feel from the moto community is like none other. When I feel I can’t get through a day, I lean on all your support and it reminds me there are good days to come again."

* These premium jerseys are American made by Canvas MX and are available Plain (no name or number), Team Brappleyea Replica, or Custom with your own name and number. This is a limited edition run and all orders must be in by 7/06/2023. Expect 4 weeks for lead time.  Sizing is unisex but fits true to size for men, consider ordering up 1 size to wear over protective gear.